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Soundsticks 4

Where sound meets art.

The first time you set your eyes on the Soundsticks, you don’t know what they are. Are they modern art, are they space-age technology? The original Soundsticks reside in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, one of the largest and most influential modern art museums in the world. The stunning Soundsticks are the only audio technology showcased as a part of its extraordinary, curated and widely coveted collection.

HK Soundsticks 4

Soundsticks redefined the way we see speaker design. Created in collaboration with Apple in 2000, they gained world recognition as one of the most outstanding masterpieces in the consumer electronics world. The Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 are a 20th anniversary, irresistible update to the classic 2.1-channel speakers, and they are still as striking as ever.

HK Soundsticks 4 Mac set up

Soundsticks over the decades

The original Soundsticks were designed by Apple’s globally revered designer Jony Ive, the brilliant mind behind other groundbreaking designs such as the iMac, the iPod and the iPhone.

Over the decades, the Soundsticks’ unmistakable design has evolved with the times, without losing any of its iconicity. The design differences have been very subtle, with the primary changes coming from technology upgrades, connectivity enhancements and controls elements on the product. The essential shape and material concepts remained the same.

HK Soundsticks Sketches

The inspiration

The latest avatar of the Soundsticks evolution looked at many examples in the industry where tech objects blend with consumer lifestyles. Modern design invokes an emotional reaction from the user through simple and inviting shapes, lifestyle materials and subtle details. Good design reinvents the way we enjoy entertainment, brings harmony into the user’s life.

The original Soundsticks design was characterized by transparency that exposes a lot of technical and engineering details on the inside. The intention was to refresh the iconic product by removing all visual complexity from it. This created a more lifestyle-oriented design. The original silhouette remained as recognizable as ever, while we cleaned up the lines of the product inside out.

The Soundsticks Design DNA

The things worth retaining about Soundsticks included the following key features:

Simple & Iconic Shapes

The shape of the Soundsticks references modern interior lamps and vase designs for better integration with contemporary living spaces. Retaining the clean organic forms of its predecessor, the shape is smooth and closed with no interruption to the silhouette.

Simple and iconic shapes

Refined Construction

All the functional elements of the product are well considered and refined. Components are immaculately integrated into one beautiful sculpture. The interior of the product is as well considered and refined as well as its exterior. All technical components are immaculately integrated into the inner core parts, hiding wires and drivers from the eye of the user with sophisticated design.

Refined construction

Liquid Translucency

Inspired by refracting details of the transparent surface, rippled transparency is used for a more intriguing appearance and a layered refraction effect.

Transparent Overlaps

Depth of objects created through layers of transparent surfaces overlapping each other.

Radial Details

The eye-catching core detail on the inside of the Subwoofer reinforces the idea of translucency and adds a captivating glow effect to the sculpture. This light ring brings a design consistency to the Harman Kardon product range, from the Aura to Soundsticks 4.

The Final Design: Clean and Elegant

The final design of the Soundsticks 4 has been created with the intention of blending this powerful desktop speaker system into modern environment in a striking, contemporary and artistic way. All functional elements of the speaker are now placed inside of the frosted inner core parts, making for a truly streamlined and modern classic.

Soundsticks the Final Design

Satellite Speakers: Inner ripples surface design

The new design plays with ripples on the inner surface of the satellite speakers’ shell. This surface structure creates a visual distortion effect which helps to hide the internal components of a speaker in a more elegant way.

Subwoofer Design

The user experience has been improved for better cable management and speaker set-up process. The clean design ensures that cable plugs are easy and fit the flawless product narrative.

A Triumph of Design

Available in Classic Black and Pure White, the latest Soundsticks 4 doesn’t just live up to its lineage but surpasses it, with high-end design that offers a moving sound experience. This is a must-have for audiophiles with an eye for art and a love for detail.

A Triumph of Design