The Craftsmanship main visual

Onyx Studio 6

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

The Harman Kardon design philosophy always begins with Beautiful Sound. The Harman Kardon experiences are so absorbing and exhilarating that you cannot help but surrender yourself to the moment.

The ONYX Studio 6 is another timeless masterpiece from the Harman Kardon collection, which has seen gradual evolution. When the Harman Kardon designers and innovators started the redesigning endeavor, the directions were very clear - the ONYX Studio 6 should be an embodiment of all that Harman Kardon stands for - iconic yet subtle design, beautiful sound and premium materials.

Proof of evolution

The design language of Onyx studio 6 is reminiscent of an eclipse - cosmic, visceral, and minimal; which has undergone a transformation over the years. Over a period, the design language shifted from an executive and cold appearance to an inviting and lifestyle character.

Onyx Studio 6 Design Elements

The design exploration

Like every classic Harman Kardon product, the design process for Onyx Studio 6 began with hand-drawings that explored the product in use, going through many iterations in shape, form and detail. The intent was to chisel away all that is superfluous until all that is left is a unique form and iconic design.

The design exploration

The Design Process

Once the sketch was finalized, the process to give it form started. After elaborate research and applying a design-oriented thought process, the fabric, colors and materials were finalized.

The design process

The Design Process

The design elements

Simple Iconic Design

The signature shape was maintained so that the product stood out.

Exposed Metal

The aluminum solid-built handle is a sharp contrasting detail that adds a distinguishing design element.

The Fashion-Inspired Signature

Reminiscent of haute couture, the new simplified metal logo adds a glam touch to the Onyx Studio 6.

360° Fabric Design

Delivering luxurious style, the beautiful speakers have no visible plastic housing. They’re entirely dressed in a lifestyle fabric with all acoustic elements concealed behind.

Blending all these elements into one iconic design, Onyx Studio 6 is a triumph of the aesthetic approach of Harman Kardon portable speakers.