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Aura Studio 3

Redefinition of an icon


Harman Kardon believes in creating products that captivate your senses with their sublime sound and sophisticated design. To create transfixing moments inspired by the natural beauty of life.

The Harman Kardon designers and innovators understand that our patrons live in modern and well decorated homes. Their living environments are radiant, elegant and beautifully furnished. Electronics are rapidly becoming a part of their everyday lives and are being integrated into the home decor. Therefore, visualizing the design concept into practical design directions became their single biggest priority while redesigning the iconic Aura Studio series.

The redefinition of an icon

From field-research at the Milan Design Week to the London Design Festival, they ranged far and wide with an intent to create a piece of art that encases the world-class technology inside. The Aura Studio 3 was designed to blend into the décor of:

  • Your Home: Captivating light effects that uplift the atmosphere yet doesn’t take center stage,
  • Your Office: Complements the working environment with non-disruptive indirect lighting; and
  • Your shop: Integrates within your spaces as an ambient lighting decoration at home


The Aura Studio range was widely seen as a work of art, more than a speaker. Consequently, the design language evolved to accommodate a more ‘unibody’, ‘lifestyle’ and ‘artistic’ character.

The redefinition of an icon

With the ambition to create a unique lifestyle-oriented design proposition, the kick-off design workshop focused on identifying ‘architectural’ design opportunities that would enable form factors, material definitions and light design opportunities to complement each other.

At this stage, the key design route was selected to create the most visually stunning sound.


Bringing all our learnings together we crafted the new Aura Studio 3 that personified:

The design elements

Simple yet iconic silhouette: A soft, approachable silhouette. Design elements that speaks of the brand equity and a simplicity that keeps the instantly recognizable Aura DNA.

Closed Dome

Closed dome: The glass dome evolved into a fully closed solution to protect the product internals from dust and improve the acoustic performance.

Premium logo and fabric

Premium logo and fabric: Lifestyle textiles, glass and metals seamlessly blended to provide a premium design solution that impeccably fits in both the home and the professional environment.

360 degrees light design

360° Light design: A full 360° light show with an emotional and organic design where form and light complement each other to create a captivating experience.


Monochrome: Dark tinted glass and charcoal black ‘mélange’ textile was integrated to create a unique combination for home decor integration with a hint of classic elegance.


The refined domed design earned itself a 2020 iF Design Award and the 2020 Red Dot design award in the product design category. The verdict was, “The dome shape, materials and lighting effects are brilliantly coordinated, turning the speaker into an exclusive design object”. Visit the product page to know more about the product in detail.